How to find the best sports agent for your travel needs

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Read More ,is the world’s most experienced sports agent, having worked for the likes of the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets, among others.

And now, she’s got a new job. 

Gideon, who has worked for some of the biggest names in sports such as the Miami Heat, the New England Patriots, the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Pelicans, told me she had a lot to offer as a travel agent.

“I can help you find the right agent to help you get to the next level in your career,” she said.

“And I’ll be there to help when you’re not there, too.

I’m a travel agency, but I also travel, too.”

So what’s the difference between the two?

Well, it’s easy to see.

Gideon said that as an agent, it can be challenging to find agents that can offer the same level of expertise as her, and the fact that she’s working from home has also helped.

“When I go to travel agents I’ll get to know them in person, so it’s a bit more of a challenge because I can’t get to see the agent in person,” she explained.

“But I’m confident that if I go out to an agent that I know, that I’m going to have a great experience.”

I asked her what advice she would give to any aspiring travel agent who wanted to start out, and she said, “Always travel.”

She added that she hopes that as she gets more experienced in her career, she will eventually be able to travel for clients all over the world, and that she would definitely recommend that anyone considering a career as a sports agent do so.

“It’s so important that you travel, because you have to,” she added.

“The only way you can have a good life is to travel.”

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You can now buy Gideon’s book, ‘Travel Agents for Travel’, on Amazon here

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