When a person says they want a ‘badge of honor’, does that mean they really want a badge of honor?

A man wearing a badge and a cap that says ‘I am the leader’ on the top of his head is walking down a street in central China.

The man is wearing a jacket that reads ‘The leader of China’ on his chest, and a hat with a blue star on it that reads “Leader of the Communist Party”.

It is the first image of the man on CCTV, which has captured the moment of his ‘Badge of Honor’ stunt.

The man’s face has been blurred out and his arms are bound behind him.

On the second image, he appears to be talking to someone on the street.

He wears a jacket with a similar star and the same word “Leader” written on it, and is holding a bag of rice in his hand.

“The first image shows him walking down the street, and then he says ‘Badges of honor, I want a Badge of the Leader’,” a spokesman for CCTV said, according to a report by the Global Times, a newspaper run by the ruling Communist Party’s official People’s Daily newspaper.

At this point, the man appears to look at CCTV, but then starts to walk away from it.

Another camera on the same street shows him talking to a police officer, who is wearing sunglasses.

Then the man turns to the camera and asks for permission to take a photo.

A man wearing the badges of China’s leadership and a star on his jacket, carrying rice.

CCTV/CCTV via Reuters 2/26 A ‘torture factory’ has been discovered in Indonesia The footage, shot by a local citizen, shows workers inside a large plastic storage room, with some of them having their hands tied behind their backs.

The workers say they are there to extract waste from an industrial ‘toy factory’.

One worker says he was asked to help put up a sign that said: ‘We are all prisoners here.’

A ‘tourism factory’ is seen in the distance, which appears to house a torture machine that appears to torture people.

One of the workers appears to have a bloodied face.

More to come.

Cameras are also shown inside the factory, where workers say the torture is being carried out in a dark room.

In another footage, workers say a man has been shot several times.

Authorities in Indonesia have denied claims that the factory is a factory of forced labour, but workers say that workers are being forced to work in dangerous conditions and are often not paid properly.

Last year, more than 1,000 workers were injured after a factory in West Java collapsed, killing nearly 30 people.

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